Mixed Surface Skidpad

A Mixed Surface Skidpad is the ideal place to enhance driving techniques.

The Skidpad Drills will include:

* Hand-Over-Hand steering (at high speeds)

* Circle Skidpad (understeer/overseer)


* E-Brake Turns


* Freestyle Drift Recovery

* Slalom Drift Recovery, with E-Brake Turns

* Collision Avoidance-emulation of a sudden obstacle on the road

* Pendulum Turns (Scandinavian Flick)

* Plus any other areas you would like to work on as time allows (including tactical drills, such as J-Turns, Dead Man Drill, PIT maneuver, etc.)

Contact us to get your custom Skidpad training program.

You will be the only car on the Skidpad, for safety reasons and so there are no distractions.

You can drive your own vehicle or one of Race Lab school cars. Based on your needs you you can get individual coaching with on of Race Lab instructors.

Skidpad packages: from 30 mins up to 2,5 hours.