Avoiding an accident in winter/challenging driving conditions isn’t luck.

There are skills to learn that could make the difference!


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Mixed Surface Skidpad

Race Lab’s Mixed Surface Skidpad is the ideal place to practice new skills and enhance your driving techniques in a safe and controlled environment. Drive your own car to understand how it performs in challenging conditions, or drive a school car for an even bigger thrill.

Not all vehicles are suitable for the training, SUVs or more rugged vehicles are ideal.

All the packages below include your own private Race Lab instructor in the car coaching you every step of the way. Also, your time will maximize actual driving, not waiting around for other people to take their turn!

Are you a more experienced motorsports driver that wants to skip the basics to work on advanced skills and have some serious fun? Or prefer time on the skidpad without coaching? Give us a call to discuss a custom package!


From $259/30 minutes in Race Lab car


The Skidpad Drills will include:


1. 30 Minute Package - The Basics

* Regaining control in a skid

* Braking in slippery conditions


2. 60 Minute Package - The Fun Part

* All training above, plus

* Freestyle Drift Recovery - higher speed, flowing from slide to slide

* Collision Avoidance - avoiding a sudden obstacle on the road


3. 90 Minute Package - The Advanced Skills

* All training above, plus

* Understeer recovery (Circle Skidpad)

* Pendulum Turns (Scandinavian Flick)


4. 120 Minute Package - The Extreme Skills

* All training above, plus

* E-Brake Turns

* Slalom Drift Recovery, with E-Brake Turns


* Plus any other areas you would like to work on as time allows (including tactical drills, such as J-Turns, Dead Man Drill, PIT maneuver, etc.). Or give us a call to discuss a completely custom Skidpad training program!


Don’t worry if you have never done anything like this before! Almost all drivers who purchase a 2 hour package will be able to master all of the above drills! Our instructors are that awesome :)


During our private training packages there is never more than one car on each part of the Skidpad so there are no concerns of a collision or distractions.