Race Lab's Road Driving Clinic is a fun, full day of driving on challenging roads; providing a unique learning opportunity and a great connection with other people who are passionate about driving. With events in all four seasons, you will have the opportunity to test your car control skills in a safe environment with all driving conditions including tarmac roads, snow, gravel, wet and dry.

Race Lab's Road Driving Clinics are the optimal way to get out and have fun, in the least risky manner, during the COVID-19 pandemic. A special COVID package has been created where students still receive our amazing one-on-one coaching without the physical interactions with the instructor! Each student will receive a freshly sanitized radio so the instructor can communicate with the students. Instructions will be provided over the radio, from the instructor’s vehicle directly in front of the student.

In order to make this training possible we need your help to minimize contact with anyone in the training area! Race Lab students must:

- Bring their own lunch and drinks, in order to avoid the use of cafes or local restaurants

- Pay for gas via cars or app, in order to avoid contact with local gas station personnel

- Bring sanitizing spray in order to clean surfaces before and after use, such as gas pump handle. (Highly Recommended)

- Bring and use a mask in any situation where physical distance cannot be maintained

- Only one person in the vehicle (unless you are from the same household)

Get the most seat time for your money and take defensive driving to a new level. Make a trip out of the city and let Race Lab instructor lead a convoy to the best public roads around.

We have created 3 levels of training for drivers with different experience.

Level 1. RDC (Tarmac)

Picturesque and interesting tarmac roads within 1.5 hour drive from Toronto. Perfect intro to Advanced and Precision Driving!

Level 2. RDC (Tarmac)

More challenging tarmac roads with advanced drills. Available for advanced students, who have previous experience.

Level 3. RDC (Mixed Surfaces)

Advanced level of roads and training. Available for advanced students, who have previous experience. For this training students should be prepared to take their vehicles on to gravel roads.

Price: $389

THREE KEY TEACHING POINTS at all Road Driving Clinics (regardless of surface or time of year):

  • Learn how to minimize the risk of head-on collisions:

    • Head-on collisions are one of the deadliest types of accidents;
    • Race Lab has designed a methodology to minimize the risk of collisions with oncoming vehicles while conducting advanced driver training for the Canadian Armed Forces. This knowledge is now available to the public.
  • Optimal Open Road Car Placement:

    • While car placement will limit the risk of head-on collisions, it will also enable you to save money long-term on vehicle wear by being a smoother driver.
  • Reading the landscape (trees, power lines, lakes, buildings and more) in order to determine upcoming corner severity, elevation changes and surface conditions:

    • Unlike the ‘advanced driving schools’ that teach on race tracks and skid pads only, we realize that people do not drive on race tracks in real life. Therefore, we have designed training that will help you master some of the most challenging roads you are likely to experience day-to-day;
    • Vision is key in driving, and most ‘advanced driving schools’ teach students to look in two different places: far ahead and to “look where you want the car to go” in case of losing control. At Race Lab, we teach you to look at four different places, which makes you a more well-rounded, safe, and fast driver.

Race Lab's Road Driving Clinics will make you a more confident driver - guaranteed. Money back if you don’t love it!

Bring a second driver!*

*If you wish to bring a second driver in the same vehicle, they will get the same classroom and one-on-one driver training as you, but will have to share the driving.

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Traffic laws are to be respected at all times, however the drive is still thrilling because of very technical roads.

We will be providing:

  • Planned route, usually with 3 sets of roads that gradually increase in difficulty;
  • Hand-held radios for communication in areas with spotty reception;
  • Classroom session / safety brief before the start of the day, including, but not limited to:

    • Driving psychology;
    • Minimize the risk of head-on collisions with Optimal Open Road Car Placement;
    • Vision (looking at four places instead of two Deceptive corners);
    • Reading and utilizing the landscape;
    • Seating position and hand-over-hand steering technique demonstration;
    • ABS vs. Non-ABS braking.
  • Approximately 45 minutes of one-on-one training with Crazy Leo in your car (or via radios for the COVID special events);
  • Additional one-on-one training with Crazy Leo available, please contact us for more info;
  • On-the-spot group briefs with analysis of tricky spots or mistakes;
  • End-of-day debrief with individual takeaways.