Welcome to Race Lab, a Toronto-based company and brainchild of Crazy Leo, a WRC class driver.
A unique school with an intriguing focus, Race Lab has two distinct divisions: RACE LAB ADVENTURE and  RACE LAB ACADEMY 

Race Lab Adventure is your go-to hub for thrills of the four-wheeled kind. Whether you’re a car novice or lifelong fan of racing and rallying, your driving spirit is all you’ll need.

We offer awesome rally events designed for challenge-enthusiasts and adventure-seekers. Go for a wild shotgun ride in a rally car with Crazy Leo, a professional WRC class driver. Feel the tense dance between the car and the loose surface beneath its grinding wheels. You’ll end your unique adventure revved for more as your driver shares a few tips from behind the wheel.

Treat yourself or someone you know to an experience like no other this side of the hemisphere. Many agree that a first-time Race Lab shotgun ride beats skydiving on the adrenaline chart. And the best part? - It’s so easy to do. You don’t need to be experienced to “qualify.” Just show up, slip into the passenger’s seat, and prepare to dare.

Race Lab is the only place in North America where you can ride with a WRC class driver on a gravel/snow stage a mere hour’s drive from a major city.

Mind-blowing Adventure Packages starting from only CAD$ 99!!

Race Lab Academy is our teaching division, where any car enthusiast can get behind the wheel and hone his or her driving skills. Whether you’re a curious beginner or a hard-core rally fan, you’ll emerge from your four-wheel classroom a more knowledgeable, relaxed, confident driver.

Driving is a skill many are now giving a second look. Most of us drive daily, and sometimes under tricky weather conditions. A skilled driver is a safe one. It’s no wonder then that Race Lab has been approached by several corporate entities for employee training. We offer driving course packages tailored to suit various: experience levels, goals, budgets.

At Race Lab Academy, we’ll teach you how to improve your car control skills in the most ideal classroom possible: on surfaces that go from loose (gravel, dirt, snow) to asphalt.

Once you enter the Lab, you’re not just in the hands of professional instructors, you’re learning from rally and race drivers actively competing on the circuit. You’ll leave a safer, much-improved driver with a higher skill level. Once you “graduate” from Race Lab Academy, you’ll look forward to wrapping your hands around the steering wheel no matter the car, surface or weather condition.

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