Private Coaching is about customizing the training program to meet your needs. Whether you are looking to be more confident in your daily driving, in low grip conditions, or if you are thinking of getting into motorsports - private coaching is the most effective way to do it.

By discussing your experience level and goals, we collaborate and plan the ideal course for you.

Private coaching. Daily driving course.

This course is designed to teach precision and safe daily driving techniques, to understand your vehicle and enjoy its full potential even under challenging driving conditions.

Unlike the ‘performance driving schools’ that focus on race tracks and skid pads only, we understand that it isn’t representative of your daily driving experience. Therefore, we have designed training that will help you master some of the most challenging situations you are likely to experience day-to-day.

THREE KEY TEACHING POINTS for this training will be:

How to minimize the risk of head-on collisions:

Head-on collisions are one of the deadliest types of accidents. While conducting advanced driver training for the Canadian Armed Forces, Race Lab designed a methodology to minimize the risk of collisions with oncoming vehicles and now makes this knowledge available to the public.

This is achieved by using the Optimal Open Road Car Placement.

Additionally this type of driving will also enable you to save money long-term on vehicle wear by being a smoother driver.

Reading the landscape (trees, power lines, lakes, ponds, buildings and more)

Vision is key in driving. To become a more well-rounded, and safer driver, Race Lab teaches you to use your vision in a more advanced way by looking at four different places, to determine upcoming corner severity, elevation changes and surface conditions.

‘Deceptive’ corners

At Race Lab we will teach you about ‘deceptive’ corners - when the road does something unexpected and sudden, which is virtually impossible to predict. You will train how to anticipate them, how to adjust your driving accordingly and how to memorize sections of roads so as not to get caught out in the future.

Advanced private coaching. Motorsport course.

This course is specifically designed by Crazy Leo to explain, understand and implement various racing techniques.

Rally racing

During this course you will learn more about Optimal Open Road Car Placement and reading the landscape in perspective needed for rally racing. This is crucial because in any of the rally events pace notes are made prior to the race on roads that are open to public, therefore being able to drive safely on challenging roads is key. Also, you will learn to identify ‘deceptive’ corners (when the road doesn’t follow the normal line of sight), thus minimizing a chance of an accident during the actual rally. This knowledge is where you gain seconds to win.

The next steps are: building a virtual racing line using provided pace notes, and later creating your own pace notes.

Track racing

For drivers focusing on track racing, Race Lab will start by suggesting tracks that are most suitable for your current level of experience. We might start on a skid pad, or proceed straight to a racing track. You will work on at and beyond the limit car control skills, vision, racing line, smoothness of inputs, left-foot braking, car setup. As you progress, Race Lab will recommend more challenging race tracks and you will get an opportunity to work on the ‘wet line’ and race craft (passing, blocking, race strategy).

If you own a fast car and want to experience what it is capable of, as well as learn how to safely take it to the limit - this is the program for you!

Available courses:

Private Coaching full day

* 1,5-2 hour classroom with Instructor

* Full day of private coaching (8+ hours) on challenging and exciting roads with a Race Lab instructor, Rally/Racing Driver, or Crazy Leo himself.

* Personal takeaways

Available all year round on any day of the week. Please check availability at least a week before the day you would like to attend.

Starting at $1,095

Private Coaching half day

* 1,5-2 hour online/prerecorded classroom

* 3 hours of private coaching on challenging and exciting roads with a Race Lab instructor

* Personal takeaways

Available all year round. *See the schedule to find available dates to attend.

Starting at $395

Contact us now to book your training or design multiple-day private coaching session..

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