Race Lab is proud to host most of its events at the following locations:

Crazy Farm in Markham

Crazy Farm in Markham

Race Lab's most unique fun layout - on an actual farm in Markham! The mixed surface track and very smooth, features a crazy jump / drop that guarantees a ton of adrenaline, and can be run both directions (depending on the day).

A bit part of the track is covered with grass, which gives a 'driving on a carpet' feeling, and teaches a unique skill of feeling the grip on wet leaves and grass.

A must try Mixed Surface Track for enthusiasts and those who want to experience ultimate driver training within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)!

Surface at Crazy Farm:

In the summer Crazy Farm Mixed Surface Track has a very unique grass surface, it's like driving on a glass carpet!

Most places are super smooth, but there are 2-3 bumps on the course, which can be avoided / slowed down for, if you want to be very easy on your car.

With heavy rain Crazy Farm can get super muddy.
When the ground is frozen - it's awesome and mostly very smooth.
When frozen with snow - it's mega smooth.

Millhaven Quarry

Race Lab's most advanced mixed surface closed course training facility available to general public.
Approximate driving time: 2 hours 20 minutes from Toronto and 2 hours from Ottawa.

Shannonville Motorsports Park

Shannonville Motorsports Park

Shannonville Motorsports Park offers variety of interesting and tricky layouts depending on the season and weather conditions.

Spacious Skidpad is an amazing place to enhance your advanced driving techniques.

Surface at Shannonville Motorsports Park:

Tarmac. Please notice, that studs are not allowed on the track!

It's the best place to learn advanced winter driving techniques on Race Track.

Lowered and track cars are welcome.

Humberstone Speedway

Humberstone Speedway

Race Lab’s newest venue makes use of the clay oval at Humberstone Speedway. The course winds itself on and off of the oval, featuring steep changes in elevation between the gravel sections of the course and the oval.

The wide banked turns of the oval give students the space to explore both their own limits and the limits of the vehicle. While the gravel section of the course allows for varying configurations that are both technical and exciting.

This venue also offers a gravel skidpad for those drivers looking to enhance their advanced driver training skills. Its location, in Port Colborne, is ideal for anyone located west of downtown Toronto looking for a unique driving experience or to improve their skills behind the wheel.

Surface: Base: Clay/gravel

Smoothness: ****

Bumps: Minimal

Jumps: Steep elevation change between clay oval and gravel section of the course

Skidpad: Gravel skidpad

Approximate Drive time:

From Toronto: 1h 30min

From Ottawa: 5h 30min

From Niagra Falls: 30min

Markham Fairgrounds

Markham Fairgrounds

Race Lab course layout in Markham Fairgrounds is the smoothest mixed surface track you will find in Canada. It is perfectly suited for advanced car control training and fun. The track features super smooth finely crushed stone (feels like very hard packed sand), super smooth gravel and tarmac.

The course features corners that are 3-4 cars wide, where guests can push cars to the limit and drift safely, and narrow and technical sections, where precision driving is key.

Brown Pit

Brown Pit

Same as Millhaven Quarry, Brown Pit is Race Lab's very advanced mixed surface closed course training facility available to general public. In a longer configuration this venue is also used for rally car and Baja/Dakar truck testing.

Approximate driving time: 2 hours 55 minutes from Toronto and 1 hour 30 minutes from Ottawa.