Race Lab is proud to host most of its events at the following locations:

Markham Fairgrounds

Markham Fairgrounds

Markham Fairgrounds is located in Markham, Ontario, Canada. This is the second largest and one of the most popular fairgrounds in the country. Every year, it hosts some of the most renowned international events, linked to various industries.

Race Lab course layout in Markham Fairgrounds is the smoothest mixed surface track you will find in Canada. It is perfectly suited for advanced car control training and fun. The track features super smooth finely crushed stone (feels like very hard packed sand), super smooth gravel and tarmac.

The course features corners that are 3-4 cars wide, where guests can push cars to the limit and drift safely, and narrow and technical sections, where precision driving is key.

Millhaven Quarry

Race Lab's most advanced mixed surface closed course training facility available to general public.
Approximate driving time: 2 hours 20 minutes from Toronto and 2 hours from Ottawa.

Rockton Fairgrounds